What Distinguishes HI-USA (Vote Today)

HI-USA is unique.  Most travel lodgings offer common amenities and aims; we are distinguished by ours.   We are about promoting curiosity, affordability and understanding.  And we are organized as a nonprofit.   That makes us different in ways large and small. 

Our mission is important, and we want to leave a large footprint.  Nonprofits are like that.  We believe in what we do and want to share it with others.

Our hostels are about the memorable experiences of those who stay with us, and our programs promote that.    Travel can be isolating; we make travel more enlightening and fun.

Our guests give us high marks for how we operate our hostels, and we avidlyseek that.  When you enter our hostels, you join a global village; our staff work daily to bridge language and cultural differences among guests, and to share with them insights and tips about the neighboring communities our staff call home.   

Like other nonprofits, our organization can and does generate a modest operating surplus each year.  And as a nonprofit, we put 100% of it back into our hostels and programs so those who use our hostels feel the benefit; we have no investors to pay. 

Which means we are governed differently than a for-profit business.  We have a board elected from the community of travelers –  those who travel and those who value it as an experience that can change lives.

HI-USA is a membership organization open to all.  If you were an HI-USA member on or before November 30th, you likely have already received a ballot to vote for our national board of directors.   (If you haven’t but feel you should have, or would like to learn more, click here.)  Elections close on February 24th.

Help show how HI-USA is different.   Vote today.


Our mission:  To help all, especially the young, gain a greater understanding of the world and its people through hostelling.

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