The goal was an ambitious one: to find the “optimum organizational structure” for a 75 year old organization with a mission important and relevant today.

The answer was developed by a team of deeply committed volunteers and staff: to unify the component parts of the “old” organization – our 26 former councils and national office – into a single, unified new one.

Almost three years ago, our local and national governance volunteers met together and adopted that selfless decision:  to embrace unification and transfer their everyone’s organizational assets to a unified, nationwide HI-USA.

And since then, our staff and volunteers have invested countless hours working with attorneys, banks and government agencies in 18 different states to implement the decision.

And today, we achieved success.  

Today, our Transition Board of Directors adopted a resolution marking completion of unification.  As you read it below, the significance of our accomplishment emerges.    

It is now time to look to the future.  But not without first acknowledging those who have birthed the unified HI-USA.

Many thanks to all those volunteers and staff who made unification happen.  We did it!




WHEREAS, in June 2011, the National Council of American Youth Hostels, Inc. (the “Corporation”), with the participation and support of the Corporation’s local councils, approved the national unification of the chartered units of the Corporation into the national organization as a single, unified, hostelling organization; and

WHEREAS, at such time, a Board of Directors was appointed to oversee this important transition of the Corporation (the “Transition Board”); and

WHEREAS, since that time, stakeholders in the Corporation from all over the United States have embraced a common vision that the Corporation can be stronger together, and over the course of two and a half years, each local council has contributed its unique strengths, people, and assets to an organization that is positioned to carry out its mission coast to coast with a renewed energy and spirit reflective of the travelers it serves; and

WHEREAS, the Transition Board has determined, in accordance with Article IV, Section 2.4 of the Amended and Restated Bylaws of the Corporation effective June 11, 2011, as amended to date (the “Bylaws”), that the nationwide unification and reorganization of the Corporation is substantially complete, and the benchmarks established by the Transition Board have been materially met.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Transition Board hereby recognizes that March 29, 2014 marks the completion of the Corporation’s unification.

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Since 2000, Russ has been the CEO of Hostelling International USA (HI USA), a nonprofit, member organization founded on an enduring belief in the power of travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places, and the world around. The HI USA hostel network is consistently recognized as one of the best in world by the International Youth Hostel Federation and by independent rating agencies. Russ has been a featured speaker at national and international conferences on topics ranging from experiential education to nonprofit management. Russ serves on the Boards of the UNWTO, US Travel Association, and WYSTC.

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