2013 Sleep for Peace Honor Roll

On September 21st, HI-USA joined with hundreds of thousands around the world to celebrate the ideals of peace, by observing the United Nation’s International Day of Peace.

As I shared in my last blog post, we took the opportunity to offer the hostel stay as an invitation to “Sleep for Peace”.   Travelers were welcomed to our hostels with a brief explanation of how HI-USA’s mission fit the special day, and how their overnight stay helped to fund scholarships for disadvantaged young people.

Afterwards, our hostels shared with me reports of their special activities offered on the day.   And the activities were as varied as the travelers themselves:  a jam night, videos, conversations, s’mores, barbeques, dance, pizza, pasta, a peace conference, t-shirts, buttons, and facilitated dialogue.

I’m pleased to report that about 3500 travelers slept for peace on September 21st.  My thanks to these hostels that participated in our inaugural year:

  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Harper’s Ferry
  • Houston: The Morty Rich Hostel
  • Hyannis
  • Los Angeles Santa Monica
  • Lucas Malabar Farm
  • Madison
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Midpines – Yosemite Rustic Mountain Resort
  • Montara Point Montara Lighthouse
  • New York City
  • Pescadero Pigeon Point Lighthouse
  • Point Reyes
  • Portland Hawthorne
  • Portland Northwest
  • Sacramento
  • San Diego Downtown
  • San Diego Point Loma
  • San Francisco City Center
  • San Francisco Downtown
  • San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Sausalito – Marin Headlands
  • Seattle at the American Hotel
  • Washington DC

Our hostels promote equality and facilitate intercultural understanding every day.   Sleep for Peace reminds us of our partnership with the United Nations and our connection with others around the world who share our ideals.  And that as a hostel network, we are stronger together.

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