As you may know, my blog has gone through a major transformation in the past few months to make it easier to find articles of interest to you.  Now with my 100th post last week, here’s an anniversary roundup of the top 5 blog posts of all time (based on reader visits) to make it even easier.  Read on to find out why.

#5 – Hostel Is A Verb.   Savvy travelers know hostels are more than buildings; they also are a source of amazing experiences that fuel curiosity and new ways of thinking about ourselves and others.  That’s why you and I hostel (yes, it’s a verb) … and why “hotel”, “motel” and “inn” will never be more than a noun.  Get inspired.

#4 – What Distinguishes HI USA (Vote Today).   HI USA is a nonprofit.  Which means all our surpluses are reinvested back in the cause, our programs reflect community interests, and we have board members elected by the community of travelers (anyone can join HI USA).   Get informed.

#3 – In Advance of the White House Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship.   HI USA partnered with the White House last December to deliver a summit attracting 100 leading travel bloggers.   President and Michelle Obama’s Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Commerce and other notables spoke.  Get awed.

#2 – 5 Ways to Know When You Absolutely Must Stay in a Hostel.   While I prefer to stay in hostels most any place, there are times when they are an amazingly obvious “can’t miss”.   Here’s when I know there’s no other choice!  Get going.

#1 – Welcome to America, High End Hostels.   My response to a recent Wall Street Journal article on deep pocket investor interest in developing new hostels generated the most visits ever.  Why do I want more hostels competing with HI USA?   (Hint:  As a nonprofit, we think differently than your average venture capitalist.)   Get speechless.

And finally, here’s the blog post that speaks most clearly to our larger future together:  this is it.

I look forward to sharing more insights and perspectives on hostels and travel in my future posts!