One sign that an idea is gaining wider social interest is when a major media outlet wants someone to blog about it. Media coverage about the “reinvention” of hostels and their emergence as a new “hip” form of travel have appeared in outlets as diverse as the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Travel over the past year.   It’s been gratifying for those of us who want to introduce more people to hostel stays.

Now I will be writing about hostels and travel in my own Huffington Post blog. My introductory post was last Friday.  Future posts will be monthly.

Make no mistake, this is not yet a featured blog the likes of Rick Steves. For that to happen, public interest in hostels as a travel form is going to have to grow and widen. Tons more people will need to be interested and engaged in hostel travel. But that’s our purpose, isn’t it?

So the goal for my Huff Post blog is simple but large: help to grow the entire hostel segment worldwide, especially in the United States.

I will be continuing this Why We Hostel blog, which will concentrate on topics more specific to HI USA and IYHF.  Huff Post expects my blogs on their site be more broadly focused, and reflect my knowledge of the wider hostel travel segment.  Fair enough.

So let’s make this opportunity a collective success. As a founding principle, I’d like to crowdsource topics for future Huff Post blog posts.   If you have ideas, even snippets, I’d welcome them.  We need to let everyone know how terrific hostels are, and the best way to do that is together!  Please use this special email address to share your Huff Post blog ideas:

Onward to 2020!