IOU Respect

IOU Respect brings together Western and Islamic young people for a two week journey together.   The hostel stay is at its core.   And if you are 18-23 years old, we are accepting applications for the Summer 2014 program  The application deadline is May 20th.

This year’s program is hosted in Tunisia by their national hostelling association.   Other participating countries include Egypt, France, Germany, Lebanon and the USA.   It’s designed as an engaging, small group experience with four participants from each country.   Organized activities and workshops focus on building dialogue and understanding, but there’s plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and fun, too.

The best description of the program comes from the participants.   Here’s what they said about last year’s  experience:

“In the Dialogue Sessions, we had a rare opportunity to dive deeper into various taboo topics such as religion, politics and stereotypes. Even though our personal experiences with each of these topics were vastly different, we shared a common desire to learn from one another with genuinely open minds. I’m grateful to HI-USA for giving me the unique opportunity to learn in this way!”   Antonia DeMichiel

“In all my experiences, I have never connected so quickly, with so many people, who were so culturally different than myself, than I did in Hostelling International’s IOU Respect Program. Throughout the time of 2 weeks…I was challenged in my beliefs and views on certain topics but in a way that resulted in my individual growth. Through our daily conversations we also gained insight into each other’s lives back in our respective countries and, in a way, it felt as if we were connected to a part of each other’s lives prior to IOU”.   Daniel Lacan-Bradley

“What I learned through IOU Respect is that the rumbling of youth refusing to surrender dreams of universal peace and understanding is stronger and louder. It is contagious, courageous, and astoundingly powerful. C’mon… let’s do this”.  Cailyn Kilcup

Tell your friends and neighbors about IOU Respect.   It’s offered by HI-USA and it’s the opportunity of a life time.

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