HI USA has been named the World’s #1 Hostel Network for 2015 by HI hostel guests around the globe.  And 12 HI USA hostels earned special individual recognition from Hostelling International.


Outdoor program at HI Phoenix, the #1 Most Comfortable Hostel

Hostelling International is the largest worldwide family of hostels with more than 4000 in 60+ countries.   Rankings are based on cumulative global guest ratings over a 12 month period.   So HI USA’s #1 worldwide ranking is due to the collective performance of all 54 hostels in our national network.  This year’s awards were made in Vienna, Austria at the annual HI CEO meeting.

The four award categories for individual hostels were Best Hostel, Green Hostel, Friendliest Hostel and Most Comfortable Hostel.   These four HI USA hostels finished worldwide in the Top 3 of one or more of the categories:

Other HI USA hostels earning Top 20 recognition in one or more categories are: Boston, Chicago, Hyannis, Nantucket, Sacramento, San Diego Point Loma, San Francisco City Center, and San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf.

And kudos to Iceland’s Reykjavik Downtown as #1 Best HI Hostel in the world, and to HI Hong Kong and HI Iceland who were named the #2 and #3 Top HI Hostel Networks.

HI USA has some terrific buildings in amazing locations.  Yet our staff and our volunteers truly set us apartCongratulations to all!

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