Where can you find the best hostels around the world? Travelers from across the globe would agree: in the USA!

Global travelers staying at Hostelling International (HI) locations in 2017 rated their stays based on comfort, friendliness, greenness and the best overall hostel stay experience. In all, more than 1000 hostels around the world were rated, and HI USA hostels took most honors — finishing among the top three in all categories.   And overall:

#2 Hostel Network in the World: HI USA

HI Singapore took top hostel network honors, with HI Iceland finishing third.   More than 70 countries have hostel network that are part of Hostelling International.

If you are planning a trip – to the USA or overseas – these are the top hostels in the world based on HI guest ratings in three categories:

Most Comfortable
#1 HI Seoul Hostel, South Korea
#2 HI Richmond Hostel, USA
#3 HI Nantucket Hostel, USA

#1 Casa Pessina Hostel, Italy
#2 HI Nantucket Hostel, USA
#2 HI Truro Hostel, USA

#1 HI Nantucket Hostel, USA
#2 HI Richmond Hostel, USA
#3 HI Truro Hostel, USA

And the best hostel, as ranked by guests worldwide, is:

#1 Hostel in the World: HI Richmond

The #2 hostel is HI Nantucket in the USA, and #3 is HI Seoul in South Korea.

Yes, our buildings are in terrific locations. But our welcoming staff make our hostels truly memorable. And our programs help acquaint guests with each other and with our communities.

We are proud of our hostels, and we invite you to experience for yourself a world-class hostel stay. Book today!