Welcome to my blog!


I’m the CEO of Hostelling International USA (HI USA), a national nonprofit with a mission to create a more tolerant world.  I started my career with HI USA after experiencing firsthand the transformative power of hostel stays and travel during an extended backpack trip across Europe as part of post-grad study abroad.   Today as CEO, I am on the road for a good part of the month, traveling to our hostels, to gatherings of international travel leaders in far off destinations, and to everywhere in between.

So how do travel and hostels transform us?  When you’re someplace new, you’re meeting people from different walks of life and opening your mind to their thoughts and ideas about the world.  I am inspired by the work of our hostels, our partners across the globe, and the people who share these transformative experiences with us every day.  This blog is an opportunity to share with you a little piece of my world.  I hope you find the tips and ideas helpful to more fully exploring yours.

Thanks for stopping by, and I love to hear your comments!