BLOG UPDATE: Great Hostel News from Austin

Late last week the Austin City Council voted unanimously to support continuation of the HI-Austin hostel on city park land.   This was the key action we all hoped for.

But many did more than hope.   Hundreds and hundreds of you helped by expressing your support online.

In all, almost 900 people from near and far shared their own stories on the value of the Austin hostel and the importance of hostelling.   Imagine at the City Council meeting, when local advocates could present pages and pages (over 60 in all) filled with personal statements in support of the hostel.   It was an extraordinary moment for hostelling.

We are grateful to the Austin City Council for their affirming vote, and the hostel‘s neighbors for their continued backing.   And of course, a big round of applause for local staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly for a positive outcome.

Many thanks to our wider hostelling community which conveyed its passion and commitment online and aided the efforts of local supporters.    It’s a success story for today’s world.

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