An Evening at the Hostel

Yesterday evening, I headed downtown to hear The Lost Girls and World Hum. It may sound like a night of clubbing. But the venue was the HI-Washington hostel, and the sound was hardly metallic.

The Adventure Travel Expo is in town this weekend, so it seems natural that some visiting travel bloggers, photographers and videographers would want to find space to get together. As it turns out, the hostel was the place, and the event was a panel discussion called “Shoot,  Busk and Blog”.

A panel of six shared insights on travel and the media to convey it, with an audience of 60 settled into couches in the Washington hostel common room. A quick show of hands revealed most in the room already had found a channel for their talents – Facebook and Flickr seemed most popular – and wanted to think bigger. The audience was well-practiced – smart phone video and texting by the crowd were part of the evening.

But why choose an HI hostel? Ours are different from others because HI-USA is intent on delivering opportunities for hostellers to meet the community, and bringing the community into our hostels. The hostel becomes memorable as meeting place, more than just simple lodging.

Mission accomplished last night. The energy in room can best be described by two of the panel headliners: The Lost Girls, three friends who abandoned their careers to travel around the world, which led to a successful blog and now a book; and World Hum, a blog launched by a traveler as a labor of love, that later was discovered and bought by a media company.

For those not currently on the road, this evening at the hostel provided a dose of travel mojo for the next big trip.

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